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3 points clés pour authentifier une paire de Sneakers

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3 key points to authenticate a pair of sneakers


3 key points to authenticate a pair of sneakers

The purchase of sneakers generally costs very expensive. Your joy at receiving a new pair of new shoes generally prevails on your regret of how much you have spent, but the problem arises when you discover that the shoes of your dreams are not authentic. Read this guide to find out how to locate counterfeit sneakers, what to pay attention to your purchases and other tips so as not to be fooled.


The packaging of your item should be the first thing you need to look at.

In general, replicas manufacturers neglect the packaging and labels. With the Internet at hand, it is important to take the time to compare your box, the article sticker, the SKU/UPC codes, the fonts, the retail labels and all the other elements of the box .

These elements are the simplest means to identify false sneakers.

The smell

This step may seem to be stupidity, but the spicy smell of false sneakers is an important clue.

Breeding sneakers tend to be made of cheaper materials than real, which is why they feel completely differently.

In addition to the false smell, you may also notice a smell of worn shoes, which is just as unpleasant.

The price

This step is very simple. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

If your sneakers are at an unreasonable price, you should know that something is wrong.


"When there is a doubt, it is because there is no doubt."




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    Buenas, me parece un artículo muy interesante sobre un tema que no se le da mucha importancia. Dais información muy relevante para que no te den gato por liebre. Gracias

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