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As you know, at Eds Store, we are particularly fans of the New Balance brand and all its models. Among these, there are the New Balance 992, which are considered by many to be the brand's most comfortable sneakers.

Moreover, comfort is a result of the accumulation of a variety of characteristics, such as the use of quality materials and a design studied in terms of shape and design. In short, the New Balance 992 are a real fashion piece that all fashion enthusiasts will no doubt appreciate. Choose your pair now on our site!

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The New Balance 992: a model with growing success

If the New Balance 992 enjoy such a good reputation, it is especially for the comfort they bring. Their aesthetics are also a major point explaining their colossal success. Their design offers a touch of modernity, without really diverge in vintage style, which has managed to make the brand of the brand over the years. Also, as with each New Balance model, we are dealing here with a higher quality product, which is distinguished by its durability and comfort.

The materials used for their manufacture are carefully selected to guarantee optimal comfort and high resistance. The New Balance 992 are also very well airy, which avoids bad odors, even after long hours of use. Among the best known sneakers in the world, the New Balance 992 are among the most versatile, and the most popular model is the famous New Balance 992 Gray, available on our site.

New Balance 992 Gray

If you are looking for sneakers combining comfort, sustainability and resistance, which you can wear for a variety of occasions, the New Balance 992 are probably the ones you need. Note that, among all the advantages of these sneakers, comfort is the essential advantage on which the manufacturer is bet. These New Balances are also distinguished by their lightness and stability, despite their fairly bulky shape. New Balance uses premium materials that allow it to preserve the size and shape of its sneakers, while making them lighter.

The New Balance 992: a completely different level of perfection

As we said previously, the New Balance 992 are among those models that have nothing to envy to other better known pairs of other brands, as the quality is impeccable. They have a stylish design and can be worn with any type of outfit. After all, there is bound to be a reason why Steve Jobs, himself, wore them constantly. Knowing that the ex-CEO of the Apple giant had to spend whole days standing, it is obvious that it had to have comfortable sneakers.

New Balance

In addition, it should not be forgotten that, even if the New Balance 992 are planned for the use of daily life, they were created as sports sneakers. It is for this reason that they are durable and that they do not promote the appearance of bad odors. Their soles are also of excellent quality and offer a difficult level of stability, in particular, thanks to their exceptional elasticity as well as the implementation of exclusive technology against shocks.

Choose your ideal pair now on Eds Store. If you are a fan of the brand and want to discover other models, do not hesitate to go to our collection page New Balance

New Balance 992: 100 years of basketball
It all started in 2001 with the New Balance 991. It marked a turning point in the history of the equipment manufacturers with the introduction of the Abzorb cushioning, a foam that absorbs and dissipates the energy generated by the contact of the foot with the ground . This model was popularized by the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Passionate about silhouette and visionary, he frequently worn this model, especially during Keynotes, especially when he presented the very first iPhone in January 2007 to the world. But to celebrate the manufacturer's 100th anniversary, the creative team of New Balance decided to give a young age to the New Balance 991. This will allow Jobs to fully embody its innovative side in cutting -edge shoes like its inventions. In this context, the New Balance 992 was born. Made exclusively in the United States, it has a whole new Abzorb SBS sole which offers unrivaled comfort and cushioning in the spectrum of sneakers. There are even rumors that Jim Davis, owner and president of New Balance, specifically asked Steve Jobs advice on the design of shoes.

New Balance 992: Retro design but trendy
The production of shoes ended in 2010. Until 2020, it will be necessary to wait for the first retro edition to benefit from a small improvement called the ortholite insole. With the dad shoes upwards, the 992 will please the new youth hipster who likes retro racing silhouettes like the New Balance 2002r. On this occasion, the Bostonian equipment supplier has decided to associate with iconic units of Sneaker culture around the world to celebrate the return of the 2006 silhouette. Joe Freshgoods and his creative label Don't Be Mad present the collection "No emotions are emotions", nicknamed "Anatomy of a Heart" 992, inspired by the structure and color code of the human heart. EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSION IN CHICAGO during the NBA ALL-STAR Weekend. A few months later, the Japanese Streetwear label WTAPS, founded by Testu Nishiyama, will release a version of its military inspiration sneaker exclusively in Japan. Below, a special collaboration by Justin Sanders with the Canadian creative label Jjjjound, A pack of 2,992, 1 Brown Edition and 1 Green Edition. In October 2020, France should not be outdone since the Parisian Studio Fy7 label from Younes Bendjima unveiled a new version of the 992 Who draws his inspiration from the architecture of the creator's native country, the South of Algeria. It will be released in a limited edition to 250 copies. The Parisian restaurant PAPERBOY PARIS also obtains the rights of its collaboration on the theme of flat eggs, in connection with the breakfast served by the restaurant.