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According to the brand's most popular models, the Jordan 11 continue to attract a large number of fans of sneakers. Good news, Eds Store offers a large catalog of pairs of Jordan 11 (which have greatly contributed to the success of Nike). Choose your pair now, to complete your wardrobe, for a 100% fashionable streetwear style!

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The quality and aesthetics of Jordan 11

Released in November 1995, Air Jordan 11 immediately won among the best sneakers on the market. Like many Nike sneakers, the Jordan 11 were distinguished by their unique design, especially for sneakers dedicated to basketball. At the time, when the Jordan 11 appeared, most of the sneakers were made with standard leather. It turns out that the Jordan 11 were the first to include premium varnished leather as well as carbon fiber, at the soles. So this was a real revolution in the sports sneakers industry. One of the most iconic models remains the famous Air Jordan 11 Retro Cool Gray, available on our site.

Jordan 11 also owe their distinguished design to Michael Jordan Himself, who had chosen to turn to a much more sophisticated style, which would allow him to marry even with costumes. The design of the upper part of the Jordan 11 is inspired by the famous gaiters, which were popular during the beginning of the 20th century and particularly during the 1920s.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Cool Gray (2021)

An essential model!

If the Jordan 11 are still as popular today, it is especially for their versatility and their very original shape. Thanks to the nature of the factory used in their making, including varnished leather, these sneakers can go with a variety of sporting outfits, whether that of basketball, handball, or even golf hold. The Jordan 11 can even be worn on the occasion of chic evenings, and it is quite possible to put them on when you put yourself on your 31, for formal occasions.

Jordan 11 sneakers are also a great success due to their rarity. Unlike other Nike models, they generally only appear in windows once a year, in particular, during the long holidays.

The famous film Space Jam also greatly participated in the success of the Jordan 11. This is a cult film, which has managed to make an impression and which is today considered a reference to the cinema of the 1990s. Elsewhere, to date, the Jordan 11 in the colors of the Space Jam team are considered to be the most iconic.


The Jordan 11: High, Mid, or Low?

Before buying your pair of Jordan 11, it must be kept head that it comes in three different forms. That said, it is also interesting to understand why these three models exist and for what uses they were created:

The Jordan 11 High: These sneakers were first designed to play basketball. Even if they are a little less comfortable than mid and low, they offer better control and adhere perfectly to the foot.

The Jordan 11 Mid: These sneakers are also perfect for fast movements. The Jordan 11 Mids are also ideal for daily use.

The Jordan 11 Low: these are the ultimate streetwear sneakers. The Jordan 11 Low are much more comfortable than the High and Mid versions, which makes them particularly interesting to travel long distances. In addition, they are available in a large number of colors.

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Air Jordan 11 is often considered the most appreciated signature model of all time. Designed by Tinker Hatfield and carried by Michael Jordan in key moments both on the court and outside, the AJ11 is the definition of a classic silhouette. A varnished leather mudguard surrounds the shoe, framed by parts made with high-end materials and a translucent outsole. In the field, MJ has worn different versions, including " Concord », « Bred " And " Cool Gray ", While apart from the field, he was teaming up with the Looney Tunes in the Colorway" Space Jam ". The next launch of Air Jordan 11 "Cherry" for the holidays is part of the legendary tradition of the AJ 11.