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The collaboration between New Balance and Casablanca gave birth to high -end sneakers whose design marked the spirits when they were released. These sneakers have combined the vintage style with a slightly more modern style. Perfectly successful combination, since this model continues to gain popularity! An explosive and unexpected collaboration, which makes all fashion lovers happy, who will certainly be a pleasure to wear these sneakers!

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New Balance X Casablanca: an unexpected collaboration

If you follow the new releases of the different brands of sneakers today, you have probably already noticed that a large number of them are similar, due to their shape and their materials. This is completely normal, since by trying to perfect what already exists, there is a good chance that the manufacturers end up having the same ideas. However, what is interesting with the New Balance X Casablanca sneakers is the fact that they have a unique design.

They display a very original shape and have a very high level of comfort. All models from famous rapprochement of the two brands have also proven themselves on the sporting level. Sneakers are distinguished by their stability and their grip on the ground, which allows them to be specially effective in almost all sports disciplines.

In addition, the quality of the finish of these sneakers is much more than satisfactory. Just examine the pairs of each model to realize it. All the sewing points are perfectly aligned and the quality of padding of the sneakers is always impeccable. Also, despite the differences that can be between the different models, the feeling of comfort remains the same. You can therefore use the pairs that you like the most, without having to worry about their performance. Our bestseller from the collection remains the magnificent New Balance 327 Casablanca Green Logo, that you can find now on our site.

New Balance 327 Casablanca Green Logo

New Balance X Casablanca models are ideal for daily use

These pairs of sneakers can be extremely effective, if you plan to use them every day. Thanks to their premium materials, their light weight and their dynamic shape, the Casablanca sneakers offer you a unique experience, which you will not find anywhere else. Just examine some Casablanca sneakers to understand why these models are so appreciated, right now.

Indeed, these models speak to all your senses. They are aesthetically pleasant to look at, offer good quality padding that makes them pleasant to the touch and the sound of their steps is extremely weak, which allows them to be rather discreet, even in empty and enclosed places. If you want to acquire comfortable sneakers for daily use, and if you like to follow fashion trends, it is certain that you will find your happiness with the different New Balance X Casablanca models.

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Inspired by racing cars, Casablanca is also effective for daily sports activities. Thanks to these sneakers, you will be able to enjoy an excellent performance, without having to swap comfort in exchange. This is an essential argument for these exceptional sneakers.

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