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Terms of sale

Article 1 - Domain of application

1 - Eds Store is SAS with a capital of € 1,000. Registered in the Nantes Trade Register under n ° 8833346934. These general conditions of sale apply as of sale to any sale of such as such (s) that defined in article 2, marketed by EDS Store. Eds Store reserves the right to adapt or modify these general conditions of sale at any time. In the event of modification, the general conditions of sales are applied to each order in force on the day of the order.

2 - Any order (s), such (s) that defined (s) in article 3, expressly implies unreserved membership in these general conditions of sale which prevail on all other conditions.

3 - Sale can take place in mainland France, Corsica or Monaco as well as in the countries of the European Union, countries outside the European Union.

4 - For any information and / or complaint, the buyer must contact:

  • Or by post to: Eds Store, 62 rue Charles Lecour 44120 Vertou
  • either by email: support@edsstore.fr

Article 2 - Products & Rights relating to products

1 - EDS Store and prices products are valid as long as they are visible on the EDS Store company's website or one of its partners, within the limits of available stocks. The images, logos and texts used on this site are protected. Any unauthorized use of these is therefore prohibited.

2 - The products we offer are certified "CE" and therefore authorized for marketing in the European Union. For any purchase for exports for the overseas departments, you must verify the specificity of the laws in force of the country concerned, whether for taxes, declarations, prohibitions, etc. Our responsibility cannot be engaged in the event of no -Respect of the legislation of the country where the product is delivered, it is up to you to check with local authorities the possibilities of import or use of products.

The site indicates the essential characteristics of these products by textual descriptions and figurative illustrations.


It is recalled, as necessary, that the company is not an authorized distributor of products on sale on the site.

The products marketed are so -called products of second hand which can be in an almost new condition, acquired from third parties or professionals.

The products we offer are certified "CE" and therefore in accordance with marketing in the European Union.


For any purchase for exports for the overseas departments, you must verify the specificity of the laws in force of the country concerned, whether for taxes, declarations, prohibitions, etc. Our responsibility cannot be engaged in the event of no -Respect of the legislation of the country where the product is delivered, it is up to you to check with local authorities the possibilities of import or use of products.

Article 3 - Order

1 - The buyer can place an order on the Internet. The Buyer must complete the order form presented on the edstore.fr website or his partner and carry out payment operations via the system offered on the site of the company Eds Store or his partner. Given the preparation and processing costs of an order, its minimum amount is set at € 15 including shipping costs. By clicking on the "order" button, when payment is confirmed, and declare that you accept all of these General Conditions of Sale fully and without reservation, and accept your order. This confirmation as well that all the computer data recorded by Eds Store is considered to be worth proof of our transactions.

2 - Any order reached by EDS Store is deemed to be firm and final subject to the provisions relating to the withdrawal period. It will be the subject of an acknowledgment of receipt by email.

3 - The date of validation of the order corresponds to:

  • The order date for accepted CB settlement
  • The date of notification of payment for Paypal

4 - Our product offers are offered within the limits of our available stocks. For products not stored in our warehouses, our offers are valid subject to availability with our suppliers. If despite our vigilance of the products were unavailable after placing your order, we would inform you by email or by mail as soon as possible. You can then request the cancellation or exchange of your order by email: support@edsstore.fr

5-In accordance with ordinance n ° 2015-1033 of August 20, 2015, relating to the extra judicial settlement of consumer disputes, those of the application decree n ° 2015-1382 of October 30, 2015 relating to the mediation of disputes of Consumption modified by ordinance n ° 2016-301 of March 14, 2016, in article 612-1 and by application decree n ° 2016-884 of June 29, 2016, any consumer has the right to use free Mediator of consumption, with a view to the amicable resolution of the litigation which opposes it to a professional, as long as the dispute linked to consumption could not be adjusted amicably and directly with the professional.

6-If you do not wish to be the subject of commercial prospecting by telephone from Eds Store, you can register for free on a list of opposition to canvassing by sending us an email to support@edsstore. Fr

Article 4 - Price / Payment

1 - The prices of products sold are those appearing on the website of the Eds Store company or its partner on the day of the order. Product prices are expressed in euros, all taxes included, excluded packaging and delivery costs. As part of an EEC or DOM TOM order and if the buyer's address is located there the sale prices as well as the invoicing are directly carried out on taxes.

2 - The amount of packaging and delivery costs is specified in article 5 of these general conditions of sale.

3 - The purchase invoice is visible and can be printed in your customer account, "Orders" section and can also be sent to you on request.

4 - Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal bank card. A certificate of authenticity is given for each order of sneakers worth more than 110 €. The authentication process lasts from 1 to 15 working days depending on the model of sneakers.

5 - Products remain the property of the company Eds Store until the full collection by the company Eds Store. However, from delivery, the risks of the goods delivered are transferred to the customer.

6 - Assets (vouchers or gift vouchers) are valid for 12 months from the date of issue of the latter.

Article 5 - Delivery

1 - The paid products will be delivered to the delivery address indicated in the order, by the carriers offered on the site. Depending on the size and quantity of the products ordered and paid, delivery may be made through separate shipments. You must verify the completeness and compliance of the information provided when ordering, in particular concerning the delivery address. We could not be held responsible for any entry errors and the consequences that result from it (for example delays or deliveries errors). In this context, the costs incurred for the re -exposition of the order would be your responsibility.

2 - At the time of delivery, the buyer will have to check the external appearance of his package. If it is distorted or damaged, if it is open or seems to have been, if an abnormal noise can be understood when the package moves, if it has been reconditioned by the carrier (strapping, adhesive tape of the carrier, etc.) , if an anomaly is apparent: in one of these cases, the buyer must check the content of the package in the presence of the delivery man before any signature. If you are denied this verification, or if products are missing or deteriorated, the buyer must not accept the package and must request the return to the company Eds Store, with supporting photos. The buyer, after refusing the package, must also inform the company Eds Store via contact, by email or by phone within 48 hours of receipt of the package, and join the photos taken in the presence of the carrier before refusal.

In case of damage or missing, the customer must:

  • Share his complaint to customer service via his customer area or by phone, within 2 days of delivery of the package.
  • Indicate on the transport documents for clear, significant, precise and complete reserves with the date and signature,
  • Confirm these reservations to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and send a copy of this letter to the company Eds Store,
  • Attach to the company photographs of the packaged packages under all its faces as well as photographs of the broken or damaged elements.

At the slightest problem at the reception, it is essential that you keep the elements in the state in which they were delivered to you (accessories, notices, packaging (s) and overlembaling (s) included). If the products need to be returned, you will apply for a return to the Contact page.

3 - The amount of packaging and delivery costs, billed to the buyer is specified when taking the company EDS Store reserves the right to modify the amount of packaging and delivery costs but undertakes to apply the prices in force at the time of your order.

4 - The delivery time may vary from the validation of your order according to the information provided on the Site. The applicable delivery times are those indicated during the validation of your order. They start to run from the shipment of the order. Note however that any order paid by bank card and Paypal will only be processed upon receipt of the means of payment. Availability and shipping deadlines must be recalculated from the date of registration of this payment method. The above period mentioned is an average delay, depending on the destination and the shipping method. In the event of delay in delivery within 15 working days following the shipping date indicated in the email "follow -up - shipping notice", excluding context of containment ordered by government health measures, please contact our customer service. However, we invite you to have previously sent you to your post office or withdrawal. A carrier survey will be open at the request of EDS Store to locate your package. This survey can last up to 90 working days from the opening date for shipments in metropolitan France and 6 months for expeditions in overseas and abroad (COLIPOSTE deadlines). If during this period, the product is found, it will be rehearsed as soon as possible at your home (except for delivery points). Beyond that, the package will be considered lost. At the closure for loss of survey and supported by the transport company, we will send you a replacement product (referral at our expense) or we will make a credit or reimbursement at the order of the order if this product is unavailable or of an updated value greater than that of the command. It is recalled that no reimbursement or referral of the product can be made before the end of the survey. In accordance with article L.121-17, the buyer may request the termination of the sale by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the company Eds Store if the exceeding of the delivery date exceeds one month the period indicated on the site during the purchase.

5 - EDS Store reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a consumer who has not completely or partially set a previous order or with whom a payment dispute would be being administration.

6 - Eds Store cannot see his liability engaged in the event of delay in delivery or breaking of stock if the non -performance or poor execution of the contract is attributable, either to the consumer, or by the way, unpredictable and insurmountable, of a third party to the contract, either to a case of force majeure or a situation of health crisis.

ARTICLE 6 - Right of withdrawal & Returns

1 - Right of withdrawal Do not hesitate to contact our customer service via your customer area on the Contact page before exercising your right of withdrawal for any information you would consider useful. The right of withdrawal may be exercised within 14 days after receipt of your package this short period from receipt of the ordered product (s). When the 14 -day period expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday or a holiday, it is extended until the first next working day. You have a period of 15 days following the acceptance of withdrawal for the return of the articles (s). Beyond this period, the return for withdrawal will be canceled. In order to guarantee the best return treatment, we invite you to make a return request via the contact page (my request concerns the return of my order). You will receive by email an acknowledgment of receipt which will underline the taking into account of your withdrawal. The return costs are borne by the buyer. In the event of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the company Eds Store will make the reimbursement at the latest within 14 days of the date on which the product was returned.

Refunds will be made:

  • In the event of payment by CB: by re-credit on the same bank card or by Paypal.
  • In the event of payment by Paypal: by re-credit on the same PayPal account

Professional customers (BTOB): In accordance with the Commercial Code, professional customers do not benefit from withdrawal time.

2 - Returning terms in the context of the exercise of the right of withdrawal in order to facilitate the processing of your return, we thank you for overeating the original packaging of your products, because we will not be able to resume, reimburse or exchange that the products returned in their entirety (packaging, protections, accessories, warranty coupons, zip-tee, laces, covers, covers, etc.), and with their original packaging and without traces of use. The assembly must be intact and not carried and in a state making it possible to resale as new condition of the product purchased. Otherwise, Eds Store will be entitled to apply a discount on the returned product. In case the product has arrived without packaging and / or damaged and / or used beyond the buyer's trial right. Eds Store reserves the right to return the product as it is to the buyer, at the expense of the latter. It is up to the customer to manage any disputes related to the return (breakage, loss) with the carrier he has chosen since he is the sender.

3-Returns within the framework of the after-sales service in order to guarantee you the best return treatment, the efficiency of the diagnosis and the speed of the intervention of the manufacturers, a return request must be made directly by indicating the reasons via Your customer area on the contact page. It is up to the customer to manage any return linked to the return (breakage during transport, loss) with the carrier. The products accepted only have design defects. They will have to be returned without having been worn.

4 - Restriction on the right of withdrawal in accordance with the article. L. 221-28 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts:

  • Provision of goods made according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized
  • Provision of goods likely to deteriorate or expire quickly
  • Provision of goods that have been unconstruction by the consumer after delivery and who cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection
  • Supply of audio or video recordings or computer software when they were unicked by the consumer after delivery
  • Provision of digital content not provided on a material support, the execution of which started after the express prior agreement of the consumer and expressly renouncing their right of withdrawal.

Article 7 - Others

1 - Scope of this conditions if one or more stipulations of these General Conditions are held for non -valid or declared such as in application of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the Other stipulations will keep all their strength and their scope.

2 - Case of force majeure are considered as a fortuitous case or force majeure exempt from responsibility all irresistible facts or circumstances, unpredictable and independent of the will of the parties. In such circumstances, a rapprochement is to be favored in order to examine the incidence of the event and agree on the conditions under which the execution of the contract will be continued.

Article 8 - Guarantees

1 - The buyer benefits from the legal warranty of hidden defects and conformities which will apply in accordance with the law.

2 - The materials sold by Eds Store are intended for individuals. Consequently, Eds Store cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect consequences linked to the use of equipment within the framework of a professional activity.

3-The buyer is informed that the EDS Store company is not the producer of the products sold within the meaning of law 98-389 relating to responsibility for defective products. Eds Store undertakes to prevent the risks for consumers of the products it distributes, to inform the competent administrative authorities and to participate in monitoring the safety of the products it markets. Nevertheless, Eds Store cannot be held responsible in place of the producer in proven cases where the company could not reasonably be aware of the risks. In these cases, it will be up to the producer to repair the damage which would cause an attack on the person or to a good other than the defective product itself.

4-For returns terms, refer to article 6-3. Products returned without physical or poorly protected protection cannot benefit from the guarantee. It is therefore up to the buyer to ensure that products are returned during transport