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Find the best models of the now famous Yeezy 500 now at Eds Store! These sneakers have elegant sophisticated details, which are only found on brand products. This pair of sneakers combines an athletic design with a variety of unpublished technological elements. The unique and attractive aesthetics of Yeezy 500 allowed these sneakers to make a place in the world of streetwear fashion. Don't wait any longer and choose your pair now!

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Yeezy 500: Sneakers with a unique design

Considerably more discreet than most other models in the brand, Yeezy 500 can be worn with almost any type of outfit. They are comfortable, flexible, and extremely solid. They are made from a variety of high quality materials, which puts their detailed finish further forward.

These sneakers, unique in their kind, have high -end padding, which protects the feet effectively. On the other hand, Yeezy 500 are also one of the lightest sneakers on the market. They offer outstanding flexibility and it is possible to wear them comfortably for long hours, as the materials used during their manufacture are extremely flexible.

Why choose Yeezy 500?

If there is a pair of sneakers that can boast of being extremely comfortable while having an atypical style, it's Yeezy 500! These rather unusual sneakers offer many qualities that make them unique in their kind. If you appreciate its design, and if you are looking for well -ventilated sneakers to spend a quiet summer, then it will be the perfect pair for you!

These sneakers are also designed to be worn on duration, thanks to their ultra-resistant materials. They can also allow you to browse long distances with a minimum of inconvenience. In addition, as we have indicated above, the Yeezy 500 are rather sober. You can therefore wear them with any type of dress. Our most popular model in the collection is undoubtedly the famous Yeezy 500 blush

Yeezy 500 blush

An exceptional quality of finish

It is true that all Yeezy sneakers display a quality of finish worthy of the best products on the market. That said, in the case of Yeezy 500, it must be admitted that the finishes are all the more highlighted. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that, unlike the vast majority of sneakers in the range, Yeezy 500 have more sober colors.

It turns out that the simplicity of colors attributed to the different pairs of this model allows those who contemplate them to better notice the different details of their finish. In other words, this means that, thanks to the sober colors of the Yeezy 500, their quality of finish becomes more visible and, therefore, more appreciable.

Even after the release of a few more recent Yeezy models, the Yeezy 500s are growing. This is due to the fact that this is one of the few sneakers to offer as many advantages, whether in terms of comfort, quality, or design.


Choose your Yeezy 500 pair now on Eds Store ! For even more model of the brand Yeezy, do not hesitate to come and take a look at the dedicated collection!

Yeezy 500: a unique silhouette sneaker

Build a myth

Inspired by the trend of Dad-Shoe, Kanye West and Adidas released in 2017 the agripping silhouette of the Yeezy 500!

Reference in the world of music, the artist with multiple talents embarks on the fashion industry and begins a series of collaborations each more popular than the other. He works in particular with brands such as Nike and Louis Vuitton. It was in 2015, following many disagreements with Nike that Kanye West decided to create his own brand in partnership with Adidas: Yeezy.

The very young firm launches several models the year of its creation, the Yeezy Boost 750, the very first pair followed quickly by the Yeezy Boost 350 version 1 and 2 then the Yeezy 950. Over time, the designer settles like One of the most influential personalities in the fashion industry. Pays out in an ultra limited edition, demand remains constant and fans flock to carry the latest silhouettes of Yeezy!

A sneaker with a disruptive design

It is in this context that Yeezy 500 is born. In 2017, the trend was to sneaker Chunky. Also called Dad Shoes, this fashion is that of wide sneakers from the 90s worn by American "dads". Kanye West was largely inspired by this wave to imagine the silhouettes of the Yeezy 700 and the 500. This new line of Yeezy 500 includes the blush version, the first outing. Quickly attributing the curiosity of the fans, the creator then decides to decline the model and reveals the Super Moon Yellow versions, Utility Black and more recently Salt.

Standing up from the Adidas Soleboost, the model is wider and adopts a more original look. Criticized at its beginnings because of its very different design of the models currently on the market, the Yeezy 500 is today one of the most popular models of fans of sneakers!

Equipped with an adiprene sole

Adiprene is a technology that aims to improve the performance of athletes practicing running. This technology is implemented under the heel to absorb the shocks generated by changes in support and strides. Often this technology is coupled with Adiprene+ which will allow you to be more stable and have a certain explosiveness especially very visible during the practice of basketball. Thus Kanye West and his Yeezy label remain faithful to their values ​​by bringing a touch of comfort to their silhouettes. This sole has seen its use explode with the appearance of basketball models from collaborations with, among other things, the famous leader of Portland Damian Lillard or John Wall. More recently we have seen this sole integrate into the last Yeezy 700v3 marking the revival of the model. Indeed this technology is less expensive than that of Boostased to offer comfortable models at a much milder price. As you can see, Yeezy does not hesitate to use the latest innovations in order to combine design and comfort for its models.