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Yeezy Foam RNNR


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Like the many Yeezy already marketed, the Yeezy Foam Runner do not constitute ordinary leisure shoes. They display an innovative look, good durability, great comfort and perfect fit. With their unique design, the Foam Runner announce a new modern design trend that will improve the aesthetics, comfort and sustainability of our shoes. The Eds Store collection will allow you to discover a variety of Yeezy Foam Rnnr models.

Eds Store

Yeezy Foam Rnnr: the most extravagant model of the brand

The Yeezy Foam Rnnr have been designed to offer maximum comfort to those who carry them. This Yeezy model can also be categorized of eco -responsible, since it is composed exclusively of recyclable materials, which are no risk for the environment. Naturally, like the majority of Yeezy products, the FOAM RNNR are very robust. So you can wear them for years before seeing them damage.

The flagship model of this EDS collection undoubtedly remains the superb Yeezy Foam Rnnr Onyx.

This sustainability allows them to draw more attention, especially since there are not many similar products that offer the same level of quality on the market. Besides, since they are extremely easy to clean, you can enjoy your pair longer, because it will always seem like new.

Yeezy Foam Rnnr Onyx

When is it recommended to buy Yeezy Rnnr?

The Yeezy RNNR are extremely practical in summer when the heat reaches its highest peaks. Their design allows them to be well airy and their constitution in recyclable foam makes them so light, that you will never want to remove them to wear something else. If you are looking for leisure shoes that are not likely to bother you in summer and allow you to better enjoy your summer stay by the sea, the Yeezy RNNR are exactly what you need.

Likewise, if you promote comfort and style, and if you want to stick to a single pair of leisure shoes when you participate in a variety of activities, the Yeezy Rnnr will be perfect. These are also ideal for people sensitive to the ecological cause, because they are made up exclusively of recyclable materials.

The Yeezy Rnnr: tap dancing, sneakers or sandals?

While they are neither sneakers nor sandals, the Yeezy Rnnr are closer to them. The hybrid form of Yeezy RNNR allows them to benefit from the best of both worlds. They are as easy to put on and withdraw as tapping, they are also as easy to clean and recycle.

On the other hand, they offer stability and grip that are closer to those of sneakers. Anyway, these are certainly not tapping, because they hold their feet on all sides, unlike the taps that leave the feet free on the back.


At the house of Eds Store, you will easily find the pair of Yeezy Rnnr ideal for you. For even more model Yeezy, go to our dedicated collection!

The Yeezy Foam Runner has a unique look, using a one -piece foam rod with a porous design, made from ecological seaweed. Kanye West and Adidas have unleashed a lifestyle without laces, arriving in many different colors.