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With its large Jordan 6 catalog, Eds Store allows you to easily and quickly find the pair of sneakers you need.

The iconic model Jordan 6 is well known for its robustness, durability and unparalleled manufacturing quality. This makes them ideal sneakers for daily use, as well as for sport. You will find in this collection many models that are available in several colors and shapes. Don't wait any longer and choose your pair now!

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A model of iconic sneakers always in fashion

Like the majority of sneakers in the Jordan range, which excels particularly within the basketball field, the Jordan 6 are particularly appreciated for their versatility. Over the years, they have been modified to offer more flexibility, comfort and sustainability.

It is for these reasons that they are among the most popular air Jordan on the market. These modifications made them even more effective as shoes dedicated to basketball. If you are looking to perfect your game on the ground, a pair of Jordan 6 will do the trick! And be aware that you can also use them as everyday shoes.

Air Jordan 6 UNC

The Jordan 6: a safe bet for a use of daily life

The padding of the Jordan 6 is one of the lightest in the whole range, which makes them all the more comfortable as the majority of other sneakers. Taking into account that not everyone has the same preferences, it is certain that these sneakers will delight the fans of sneakers. The most bug model of the collection is obviously the famous Air Jordan 6 UNC, who makes everyone agree!

Indeed, this low padding of the Jordan 6 allows them to be more flexible and lighter, which makes them more interesting to travel long distances, as part of daily use. Besides, even their soles are a little less thick and that positively impacts their ergonomics. The followers of Jordan sneakers will immediately notice the difference between the Jordan 6 and the rest of the models in the range.

A unique design

Few sneakers can claim to have a style comparable to that of the Jordan 6. On a purely aesthetic level, the latter compete with the most beautiful sneakers of the brand, including the famous Air Jordan 12. When you wear Jordan 6, you Can be sure to draw the attention of a good number of fashion followers. Jordan fans particularly appreciate the effect that the famous Jumpman logo brings about these sneakers. In addition, the inspiration of the retro style means that the Jordan 6 are available in a wide variety of colors.


The materials used in the manufacture of Jordan 6:

When it comes to inspecting the materials used in the manufacture of Jordan 6, it is important to note that they vary depending on the colors of the different pairs. Note, therefore, that the Jordan 6 manufactured mainly with leather are generally the most stable. On the other hand, pairs that include additional materials, besides leather, offer more flexibility and flexibility.

Choose the pair of your dreams now on Eds Store, where you can find many other models of the brand Jordan. Up to you !

Air Jordan 6: a must -see of Jordan


Airjordan 6, a legends basketball

Released in 1991 - 6 years after the launch of Air Jordan 1 in 1985 - L'In Jordan 6 is Jordan's sixth signature basketball.

Designed by the now legendary Tinker Hatfield, Air Jordan 6 is a basketball resolutely turned to performance on the basketball field. The bet is a winner: it is with a pair of air Jordan 6 on the feet that Michael Jordan wins in the 1990-91 season his first NBA title! That year, he was also elected MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the finals and the season, finished best marker in the NBA ... and Olympic champion. Difficult to do better, right?

Although it is designed for the basketball court, the sneaker keeps the streetwear spirit that made the success of the previous models. Sneakers lovers have been getting it out since its release!

A sign of the hype around this new Jordan, the AJ6 is quickly displayed at the foot of the Pop Culture icons, like Will Smith in the legendary prince of Bel Air.

Air Jordan 6, the best of the best
Higher than the Jordan 4, the air Jordan 6 would be inspired by the German sports cars of Michael Jordan. The player would also have insisted that the pair took an example on high -end Italian shoes, made of a unique panel. With this new version, MJ wishes a basketball with more refined and more sober lines than the previous models.

Funny fact: if you look carefully, the air inserts Jordan 6 draw a 2 and a 3 on the side of the sneaker, in reference, of course, at the player number.

At the request of the player, Tinker Hatfield also introduces a Heel Tab, a structure molded in the heel to protect the Achilles tendon. The designer also added a neoprene tab for better support and better breathability.

But the Jordan 6 also takes up elements that made the success of its predecessors, such as the translucent sole of the Jordan 5. It is also the last model to present the visible air bubble, which appeared on the air Jordan 3C is Also the last model to present the visible air bubble, which appeared on the air Jordan 3, and the "Nike Air" marking, which was replaced on the following models by the Jumpman logo.

The Jordan 6 air is available in six colors: White/Infrared - Black, Black/Black - Infrared, White/Sport Blue - Black, Off White/New Maroon and White/Carmine - Black.

Reissues, collaborations and limited editions
The air Jordan 6 was reissued in 2000 in "Retro" version with the release of new colors. The Jumpman logo replaced the "Nike Air" marking at the back of the shoe. In 2002, the brand released a low version of the Jordan 6 air as well as new colors for women.

Since then, prestigious reissues and collaborations have not stopped. Among the rarest and most iconic collections, we can cite the Air Jordan 6 History of Jordan (alias Air Jordan 6 Spiz'ike), the air Jordan 6 Retro x Quai 54, the air Jordan 6 retro x aleali may or even The air Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott.

Recently, branding "Nike Air" is reappeared on reissues of Air Jordan 6 to the delight of fans of sneakers!

Air Jordan 6, a must-have for men and women
The air Jordan 6 is one of the favorite Jordan models of the sneakerheads. With its sleek look, the legendary sneaker adapts to all wardrobes.

For men and women, the model is available in countless colors that adapt to all styles: sober, male, feminine, flashy, retro, modern, streetwear ....