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Faire un custom de sneakers

Make a custom of sneakers


Sneakers have become an essential accessory for fashion and popular culture. They are worn by athletes for their comfort and performance, but also by fashionistas for their style and originality. If you are passionate about sneakers and want to personalize your collection, the custom of sneakers is a fun and creative activity that will allow you to give life to your wildest ideas. In this article, we will introduce you to the steps to make a custom of sneakers and give you some tips for successful your custom. So, if you are ready to become an artist of the customization of sneakers, follow the guide!

Step 1: Choose the sneakers you want to work on

The first step to make a custom of sneakers is to choose the sneakers you want to work on. You can customize sneakers that you already have, or buy news especially for the occasion. There are many types of sneakers on the market, from classic to brand sneakers to vintage or retro sneakers. Before making your choice, here are some elements to take into account:

  • The condition of the sneakers: If you customize sneakers that you already have, make sure they are in good condition and clean before you start. If you buy new sneakers, check that they are of good quality and that they are comfortable to wear.

  • The color of sneakers: The color of sneakers can influence the end result of your custom. If you want to add colors or patterns, choose neutral color sneakers that will not hide your additions. If you prefer to keep the original color of sneakers, opt for bright or flashy sneakers that will enhance your custom.

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Step 2: Gather the tools and materials necessary to make your custom

To make a custom of sneakers, it is important to bring together all the tools and materials necessary to customize your sneakers according to your wishes. Here is a list of the main elements to have at hand:

  • Brushes: to paint or apply glue to sneakers. It is recommended to have several brushes of brushes to be able to work on the details and wider surfaces.
  • Cissals: to cut materials such as rhinestones or pearls to stick them on sneakers.
  • Glue: to fix the materials on sneakers. There are several types of glue suitable for different materials, such as PVC -based glue for rhinestones or rubber -based glue for pearls.
  • Paintings: to color sneakers. There are several types of paintings adapted to sneakers, such as acrylic paint for canvas surfaces or aerosol paint for leather sneakers.
  • Rhinestones: to add shiny elements on the sneakers. The rhinestones can be in different shapes and colors, and are generally fixed on sneakers with glue.
  • Pearls: to add details on sneakers. The pearls can be of different sizes and colors, and are generally glued to sneakers with rubber -based glue.

 Step 3: Prepare the sneakers for the custom

Before starting to customize your sneakers, it is important to prepare them properly to obtain a professional result. Here are the different steps to follow to prepare your sneakers:

  • Remove the dirt: use a soft brush and hot water to remove the dirt and dust accumulated on your sneakers. Make sure you clean all surfaces, including seams and logos.

  • Remove the laces: Remove the laces from your sneakers to avoid painting or sticking them accidentally. You can put them back once your custom is finished.

  • Apply a base layer: to prevent paint from entering the leather or fabric pores of your sneakers, apply a base layer before starting to paint. Use a brush or cloth to apply the base layer to all surfaces of your sneakers. Leave to dry completely before going to the next step.

  • Protect the non-painted parts: if you do not want to paint certain parts of your sneakers, such as soles or logos, protect them with adhesive tape or sticky paper. This will prevent you from dirtying these parts with paint or glue.

Step 4: Make the custom

Once your sneakers are ready and you have gathered all the necessary tools and materials, it's time to go to the Custom.

There are several techniques to customize your sneakers, such as painting, collage, adding rhinestones or pearls, etc. Choose the technique that best suits your project and skills.

To paint your sneakers, start by choosing the colors that you like and will agree with the design of your sneakers. Apply the colors in several thin layers to obtain a uniform color. Leave to dry between each layer to avoid the drips.

If you want to stick elements on your sneakers, such as rhinestones or pearls, be sure to use a quality glue that will keep well on the leather or fabric of your sneakers. Apply the glue to the sneakers following the pattern you have chosen, then add the rhinestones or pearls by gently pushing them to fix them well.

To succeed in your custom, it is important to properly test the colors and techniques before applying them on your sneakers. Try on a small surface first to make sure you get the desired effect. Also allow to dry completely between each step to avoid accidents.


In this article, we explored the steps to make a custom of sneakers. We have seen how to choose the sneakers to work on, bring together the necessary tools and materials, prepare the sneakers and make the custom. The custom of sneakers is a creative activity that gives a personal touch to your sneakers and make them unique. We hope that this article has given you ideas to customize your own sneakers and that you want to try yourself. Do not hesitate to share your creations on social networks to show your work to other people.

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By Alex Swan

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