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Comment  maintenir vos sneakers comme neuves ?

How to keep your sneakers as new?

Presented by Don Care


Comfortable, design, trendy, whether we are sporty or not, sneaker is part of our daily life and has become a must-have in a century of existence. The story of these shoes that has become inherent in the world of sport, before invading that of fashion, is linked to that of some legendary brands that repeat models from the 1960s and 1970s.

Between flagship models, collaborations, the fashion effect and especially the "hype" that there is around the sneaker certain pairs have become difficult to obtain and therefore become more and more expensive. Continuously exposed to external elements such as rain, sun, dust, to name a few, it is essential to maintain them carefully so as not to replace them too quickly.

But then how to maintain your sneakers? You will see that by applying a few simple rules you will considerably increase the longevity of your sneakers. It is therefore important to treat them with good products, to adopt basic reflexes to avoid using them quickly. With this guide in your hands, your sneakers will resist the time test.

Good reading !



This is obvious, this is the ultimate advice to the good performance of your pairs over time. We tend not to think about it, but it is enough for regular maintenance to significantly slow down the wear of your shoes. This good habit is of great interest because it will allow your shoes not to get dirty too quickly. In addition, it will be easier and faster to remove stains and other dust that would have taken up residence on your sneakers. Cleaning must be an extension of the purchase of your shoes.

In order to take care of your shoes in a lasting and respectful way, clean the hand. In this way you can ensure deep cleaning without risking damaging your shoes including those made up of delicate materials.

For a "minute" cleaning, before or after each port, you can get rid of dust using a shoe brush. The same is true with a water soil of water or a specialized wipe to remove the superficial spots on your sneakers. You will give a sparkle to your pair in 2 strokes of a pot!



As part of a complete cleaning, start by removing your laces and your interior soles when possible, to dry your shoes faster. For your laces, you can clean them by rubbing them by hand or the help of a brush and soap. Regarding the soles, rub them gently with a flexible brush or a cloth and favor detergent to clean them because it will deodorize them.

As for your shoes, remove dust and other impurities using a brush to start cleaning smoothly. Prepare water in a bowl, a flexible brush, a little laundry or soap with which you will wash your sneakers. The continuation is simple, practice a soft and regular brushing to obtain the result you want, do not hesitate to repeat the operation several times if necessary. Finally, remove the excess with a cloth and let your pair dry in the open air.

Do not neglect this step which is crucial to the longevity of your sneakers. Cleaning is a guarantee of maintaining the quality of your sneakers in the long term, allowing them to keep their breathability and their shine of the first day. It is undoubtedly the thing to do for the care of your sneakers.


2. Waterproofing

This is the basis ! Too often overlooked, waterproofing is an essential step in the maintenance of your shoes because this is the very first thing to do when you just bought your shoes. This is an obligatory passage that should be made automatically not to say systematic.

Waterproofing is an operation to make waterproof and constitutes the last step of preparing textiles, fabrics or leather. This is an additional process, because an active water repellent substance is added modifying the specific characteristics of the material to which it is applied, making it waterproof.

Even if it is important to use a waterproofing before the first port, it is just as essential to use it after the maintenance of your shoes. Waterproofing people make it possible to form a thin protective layer to protect your pair against degradations linked to weathering. Another positive aspect, waterproofing preserves the original color and increases the lifespan of your shoes, because once applied, the protective film constitutes a real barrier against water and dust.



You will understand if you want to take the greatest care to your shoes or if you put your shoes to the test, it is imperative that you go through the waterproofing "box". The effects of walking, contact with external elements, rain to name a few, are all causes that alter the properties of waterproofing. This is why we advise you to do it regularly, every 10 to 15 ports in order to preserve your shoes well. For your suede pairs we strongly advise you to waterproof after each of your outings.

Make sure you know the material of your shoes well to know which waterproofing will be the most suitable. This step is important because depending on the material, the waterproofing to use may not be the same. In some cases, the use of an unsuitable waterproofing may damage your shoes. This can result in a deterioration of the material or by the discoloration of the latter. However, do not panic, because most are universal and are suitable for all the materials.


3. The shoes

Thinking that an impact is a simple gadget is a big mistake! There are several versions and it is undoubtedly the essential accessory to maintain your shoes. During their manufacture, your shoes are mounted on a more commonly called form mold, which allows them to give them their volume. Once installed, the hire will allow your shoe to find, and above all, to maintain its original design shape.

Not just limited to the maintenance of your shoes, the hire is above all the comfort of your feet. Very often when you wear a pair of new shoes, the latter is particularly uncomfortable, and for good reason, the materials are not yet relaxed and it is only after having wore your shoes several times that they perfectly adopt the morphology of your feet. Using armchairs, you will accelerate the process of softening your shoes.

We just saw that the hire plays an important role for comfort, but its assets do not stop there.


The shoes

 Indeed the hire ensures the maintenance of the initial shape of your shoes when they are at rest, thus making it possible to increase their lifespan and keep them in the most new condition possible.

In addition, we often talk about the hire as being a way to dry your shoes. And that's true ! In particular the wooden hire: it helps to absorb moisture and perspiration of the feet contained in your shoes by preventing them from deforming. The icing on the cake, in addition to its absorption power, those in cedar wood have a deodorant and natural anti-mite power. Just that !

The use of hirelessness is one of the basics of the maintenance of your shoes. We recommend that you use it for each of your pairs and put it after each port. Without question, it will contribute to the longevity of your shoes.



4. Alternation

This advice may seem elementary and yet it is fundamental for the longevity your shoes: avoid wearing several days in a row the same pair! We don't think about it all the time but this very simple little tip can make the difference and have a considerable impact on the life of your sneakers.

One of the aspects of your foot is that it is in contact from morning to night with the interior of your shoe. Whether you want it or not, it makes you sweat your feet. In addition, you can wear your shoes in wet weather. Therefore, it is important to leave a rest time of at least 24 hours. You will optimize your comfort.

Another pleasant aspect in the fact of practicing alternation in terms of shoe wearing is that it allows you to vary the pleasures. Indeed, do not wear the same pair every day makes you appreciate all the others that you have available. In this way, you can adapt your look according to the seasons, your moods and especially your everyday clothes. A pleasant way to enjoy or rediscover your different pairs.



It is obvious that we do not all have several pairs of sneakers in our cupboards, if that is your case do not hesitate to invest in a second pair you will not regret it. Because with only two pairs of sneakers you can increase the lifespan of its sneakers significantly. A significant economic aspect because it allows you to control your shoe budget. Obviously this involves regular maintenance of your shoes.

You will understand, when we talk about alternation concerning your shoes we are not on a notion of care proper. This is an essential attention to the good aging of your sneakers. An object which we use all day daily will tend to wear out faster, the principle is the same for your sneakers, so do not look for an excuse and alternate!


 5. Washing machine: false friend

We tend to think that we can restore a coolness to our sneakers by putting them by washing machine without this presents no risk, on the pretext that the majority of our shoe is made up of canvas and fabric.

Well, know that all this is at your own risk: even if you can get a good result with machine wash, you damage your shoes for sure, or even until you put them out of use in some cases.

It is true that many explain to you that you can wash your shoes in machine while respecting a few instructions such as reading the manufacturer's label, put them in a net, separate the laces, wash them at low temperature and we pass ...

However, this type of cleaning is violent to say the least and does not have the effect of properly maintaining your shoes, and for good reason, the risks are numerous: burst of air, deformed sole, narrowing of your shoes, past colors or Floated, detachment of materials, in short the list is long.


Washing machine: false friend

In addition washing your shoes in machine can damage your washing machine. The shoes are led to type and bounce into the drum by its mechanical action. These movements can prematurely alter your drum.

Clearly if your shoes are muddled, opt for a proven method for many years: do hand cleaning very gently

You will understand the washing of your shoes in the machine is to be avoided. Your machine and your shoes will be grateful to you.


6. Bad odors

It’s a fact, we all sweat and it to various degrees. It is a totally natural phenomenon that allows our body to maintain our body temperature. Very often the real problem in terms of bad smells comes from your soles, because they are the ones that retain perspiration and bacteria.

To prevent your shoes from starting to feel, you need to apply the few tips that will follow. First, avoid wearing your shoes without socks because this is conducive to the multiplication of bacteria and yeast infections, promoting bad odors. In addition, after a day of port leave your shoes in the open air before storing them. Having them take a large bowl of air after port day allows them to ventilate them, and thus limit the development of bacteria, and therefore indelicate odors.

We know that the soles are often the source of bad smells that emerge from your shoes. In these cases, make it simple: change them regularly! You can also put soles specifically made for the absorption of perspiration.


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