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Eds Store invites you to discover a complete collection of best famous cleaning products so that you can keep your sneakers as new, as long as possible.

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How to clean your sneakers?

Cleaning sneakers is done in several different ways and it is possible to proceed using a variety of products. The choice of good cleaning products varies mainly depending on the materials used in the manufacture of sneakers. In addition, it is important to note that the latter generally constitute fragile components, which, once damaged, become impossible to restore.

We think in particular of the material of gum or even the simple fabric. We are clearly far from the materials found in classic shoes, which consist in normally leather or suede. Before following this guide, it is therefore essential to use the right cleaning products to obtain the expected results.

Remove dust from sneakers

Use a simple brush to gently rub the surface of the sneakers. Your goal is to remove all glued dirt and their residues to facilitate the following tasks.

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Prepare the cleaning product

Your cleaner should be able to remove dirt from sneakers without degrading them. Its application must be light and it should in no case require rinsing, the latter being practically always harmful for all types of sneakers.

So take the time to choose a cleaning product that suits you. For that, nothing better than our Premium Sneakers Cleaning Kit, available now on our site.

Preparations for using this product may vary depending on its concentration and the condition of sneakers to be cleaned. That said, in general, the solution in question must consist of a third party cleaning product and two thirds of lukewarm water.

Strip the soles

The soles are undoubtedly the most messy parts of your sneakers. In order to allow them to return to their initial state, you must rub them using a more rigid brush. Do not forget to apply a sufficient quantity of the cleaning solution that you have previously prepared. Then use a simple piece of fabric to wipe the soles.

How to preserve your sneakers?

Now that you know how to clean your sneakers, it's time to learn how to keep them clean. You can use a waterproofing to prevent your sneakers from accumulating dirt again. The latter acts on sneakers by applying a waterproof layer that prevents impurities from interior inside the materials. In order to prevent your sneakers from getting dirty quickly, always place them in a well-ventilated and little humid place.

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Cleaning products

Here is the full list of cleaning products you need to use to clean your sneakers correctly:

  • A soft brush (pork silk) for the sneakers' dusting stage
  • A cleaning product that is not likely to discolor the sneakers or damage them
  • A rigid brush (in synthetic hairs) for cleaning the soles
  • A waterproofing to prevent sneakers from getting dirty quickly

Choose your maintenance kit now, for cleaning your top shoes, now on Eds Store. Also discover our many collections of sneakers. Whether you are a fan of Nike, Jordan or New Balance, you will inevitably find your happiness on our shop!