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Nouvelle possibilité de payer vos sneakers à plusieurs personnes avec Lydia sur notre site internet

New possibility of paying your sneakers to several people with Lydia on our website

Are you passionate about sneakers and are always looking for the last outings of your favorite brands? What if you could share the cost of your purchases with your friends or family? It is now possible thanks to our new payment method, Lydia.

Lydia is a mobile payment application that allows you to share the costs of your purchases with your loved ones by creating an online kit. This allows you to no longer have to spend your whole budget at once and be able to offer you the sneakers of your dreams without breaking the bank.

To use Lydia on our website, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the sneakers of your choice and add them to the basket.
  2. Select Lydia as a payment method during the payment process.
  3. Invite your friends or family to participate in the prize pool by sending them a unique payment link.
  4. Follow the state of the kitty in real time and receive a notification when payment is complete.

With Lydia, you can easily pay your sneakers to several people and save on your purchases. Do not hesitate to try this new payment method on our website now!

By Adam O

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