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With the arrival of the React, Nike has finally introduced its brand new padding technology. The latter is also the very first of its generation to be used in the manufacture of racing sneakers. At the same time, the Nike React use other technologies, including those that make the soles even more flexible, allowing sneakers to gain flexibility while offering a higher level of comfort.

These sneakers are designed for intense exercises, but can be perfectly used for daily use. For this reason, these are particularly well airy sneakers. Taking into account all the qualities that the Nike React present, their growing success is completely coherent. Choose your React pair now on Eds Store!

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Nike React: a unique model of its kind

Since the Nike React were created, above all, to be effective in the most competitive sports circles, it was out of the question for Brett Schoolmeester to make compromises. He understood that this model was mainly aimed at professional athletes and that, therefore, it had to innovate to group all the best qualities in a single pair of sneakers. This is how he created the famous Nike React. The latter exist today in a variety of models and not all are made for sport. Here, we present some examples of the most popular models:

React Vision Black

This Nike React model is extremely known for its ability to cushion shock. They are also particularly comfortable, even when they are wet. It is, moreover, for this reason that many athletes use them permanently. The React Vision Black offer excellent ventilation, which limits, at the same time, the increase in the humidity inside sneakers, during intense exercises. The soles of the React Vision Black consist of a flexible and durable material. The modern innovative techniques used in making React Vision Black allow them to suit all forms of feet and offer an incomparable level of comfort.

Air Max 270 React Eng Travis Scott Cactus Trails

Air Max 270 React Eng Travis Scott Cactus Trails

With its dynamic look, theAir Max 270 React Eng Travis Scott Cactus Trails is a very versatile model, which can be used for sport or for daily use. These extraordinary sneakers are considered by many to be the best in the React range. While they certainly owe a part of their popularity in the name of Travis Scott, it must be admitted that their quality is at the level of their reputation.

Air Force 1 Low React Mint Foam

Unlike the React Vision Black, which excels in sports activities, the Air Force 1 Low React Mint Foam are made for everyday use. Their cool and elegant city style can be married to any type of dress style. These sneakers are highly appreciated by fans of the brand. The success ofATIR Force 1 Low React Mint Foam comes above all from the comfort they bring. Indeed, since they are not particularly made for sport, its designers had no trouble making them extremely comfortable.


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