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Not all fans of sneakers know that not all pairs of sneakers are equal. While some are content to fulfill their role, others have exceptional qualities that raise them to the status of luxury product.

The best sneakers are distinguished by their different styles inspired by the biggest designers, as well as by their premium quality manufacturing materials. EDS Store's luxury sneakers collection includes a variety of superior quality sneakers.

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What are luxury sneakers?

As you can suspect, luxury sneakers are products of exceptional quality. Their elegance and the level of comfort they provide have no equal, and it is for these reasons that they are so coveted. Luxury sports sneakers are all also requested, for the great performance improvement they can generate.

Naturally, the manufacture of this kind of sneakers is not easy. It requires the use of certain special raw materials, and the latter are often rare and expensive.

Which makes luxury sneakers exceptional

As mentioned above, the main characteristic of a luxury basketball is obviously its composition. Naturally, this is not the only argument for luxury brands. The latter benefit from a remarkable brand image, ultra-linked models as well as incomparable notoriety. The most popular model of our luxury sneakers collection is the essential Air Jordan 1 High Dior, which have all the characteristics mentioned above.

Air Jordan 1 High Dior

Sneakers produced in very limited quantities

Luxury sneakers are created for real fashion lovers or collectors. Most of the parts of each luxury brand, including sneakers, constitute an important element of distinction. For this reason, all luxury clothes come out in a limited edition. This prevents products from being sold en masse and ends up being trivialized in everyone's eyes.

Sneakers made from premium materials

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of sneakers is another element that distinguishes them from other sneakers. The latter exclusively include premium materials which offer them greater longevity, more comfort and better performance.

Luxury sneakers have the best finish quality

All quality materials and original designs of luxury sneakers are likely not to appear if the finish of the making is not there. For this reason, the largest brands of luxury sneakers attach capital importance to quality control, which ensures that their products benefit from an impeccable quality of finish.


Choose the perfect luxury pair to complete your wardrobe now on Eds Store ! If you are a follower of models Jordan, do not hesitate to take a look at our collection dedicated to the brand.